Christmas feed for bees

Observations from beekeepers and Bee Inspectors across the UK suggest that some colonies of bees are becoming short of food. Please monitor your colonies throughout the coming months and feed as required to ensure your bees do not starve. A standard full size British National colony needs between 20-25 kg (40lbs) of stores to successfullyContinue reading “Christmas feed for bees”

Stafford Bee Group presents ‘Our man Clive’

Stafford Bee Group offers a programme of lectures on beekeeping as well as other related subjects. To find out what’s going on, head over to the new Stafford Bee Group website: to see more information and register for future events. The next lecture is on 7th January 2021 at 7:30pm: The Importance of ApiaryContinue reading “Stafford Bee Group presents ‘Our man Clive’”