Club committee members needed…

The next Club Annual General Meeting is due to be
held on March 18th 2021.
The committee is looking for members to take
on the officer role of Treasurer and the roles
of Education Lead, and Events Coordinator to
help organise social events for club members to
participate in once we are able to meet up again.
(see below and page 3 for job role details).
If you are interested and feel that you could help
the club by taking on any of these roles please
contact Stuart Roberts, Club President or Alan
Greenman, Club Chairman for an informal chat.

Nominate yourself or others (with their permission)
by using the form on page one.
Don’t be put off by the job descriptions as they are
just to give an idea of what the job entails and how
it links in with the other roles.
We will provide training, help and support across all
roles to ensure a succesful outcome.
The future success of the our club depends on
the full commitment of all the members so please
consider if you can help by joining the committee
for a year.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities


• Ensure the association has clearly defined goals and objectives
• Provide leadership and help to build and maintain an effective association that works well
• Support the development of the association’s structure to meet the goals and objectives
• Promote the association and support the growth of its membership
• Represent and promote the association at local, regional and national levels
• Chair the committee in the absence of the chair-person, and support the committee members to achieve the association goal

• Chair committee meetings and AGM
• Assist the secretary in producing meeting agendas
• Head the committee in making decisions for the benefit of the club
• Abide by the club’s constitution, legal obligations, aims and objectives
• Support the committee in working together and help set committee roles and responsibilities
• Ensure that the committee is effective in implementing the club’s stated strategy

• Notify all committee members of the time and place of meetings
• Prepare an agenda in consultation with the Chair person and ensure that minutes of the previous meeting(s) have been circulated
• Check that members have completed tasks agreed at previous meetings
• Take a note of all present, apologies for absence and take a minute of the meeting, recording all decisions and actions made and circulate
• Deal promptly with correspondence between meetings, forwarding to committee members by email

• Accept on behalf of the association all monies and records it appropriately
• Pay on behalf of the association any authorised expenditure
• Ensure all income and expenditure records are kept up to date and that an appropriate third party examines the end of year accounts
• Keep the committee informed of the current situation with respect to finances
• Complete annual returns to Charity Commission
• Assist the President and Chairperson in preparing budgets for the association priorities

Committee Members

Apiary Coordinator:
• Chair Apiary Work Group meetings with responsibility for setting an agenda and completing minutes
• Manage the running of the Associations’ apiaries
• Report to the main committee regarding the running of the apiaries
• Ensure Codes of Practice and procedures are in place and updated and that they follow best practice
• Liaise with the Education team to facilitate the smooth running of the Training and Learning Schedule
• Liaise with the quartermaster regarding the provision of equipment and consumables

Education Coordinator:
• Identify teaching and learning opportunities for members with a range of practical and theoretical beekeeping experiences
• Take an overview of the Beginners Course and advise on gaps, developing ideas and harnessing the expertise of others in delivering the course
• Take responsibility for co-ordinating BBKA examinations
• Take responsibility for facilitating the training needs of those taking BBKA examinations, modules, and other courses
• Advise the SSDBKA Committee of the resources needed to complete learning opportunities
• Attend national initiatives involved in beekeeping practice and education

Communication Lead:
• Co-ordinate the website and posting of content Facebook page
• Support the production of the Newsletter
• Support the sourcing of content from other areas of the association
• Ensure that the website and social media are updated regularly
• Co-ordinate regular communication with members through the email database
• Promote the work of the association in the local media

Health and Safety Lead:
• Ensure the association’s activities are conducted in a safe manner and reduce the chance harm to members and the general public
• Keep up to date with all regulations and legislation related to the activities of the association and bring to the attention of the committee any relevant new
• Ensure that all assessments as required by legislation are conducted and reviewed
• Recommend control measures and advise on the standard of P.P.E issued to members whilst carrying out any activities associated with the association
• Investigate any near miss incidents, record the relevant findings and notify committee of all incidents reportable under Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)

• Manage the safe storage of the association’s equipment, arrange cleaning and repair parties as required to keep the equipment in good order
• Carry out stock takes in a timely manner, organising bulk purchases and distribution of consumables for members at discounted prices
• Communicate to committee equipment requests from AWG and Education group
• Buy equipment needed within set budget taking advantage of sales
• Ensure there is enough equipment to run the T&L schedule effectively
• Organise and record equipment hire

Membership Secretary:
• Oversee the ER2 database with respect to membership, subscriptions and enrols new members and renewals
• Confirms payment of subscriptions with the aid of the Treasurer
• Creates and sends out emails regarding membership through ER2 and SSDBKA email.
• Updates Swarm List and contact information
• BDI and BBKA capitation
• Extract Contact information from ER2 for use with SSDBKA contact list on Google mail.
• Add additional items to members records as required (Gif Aid, GPDR, Child protection, Basic completed, Beginners completed etc

Events Coordinator:
• Develop the association’s annual calendar of events
• Plan events to meet association and members needs
• Co-ordinate the refreshments for members at the apiary and at ‘paid for’ events
• Co-ordinate the annual members survey
• Ensure that venues and speakers are hired, and refreshments arranged
• Monitor the success of events and feedback to improve future events

AHAT Coordinator:
• Keep up to date with developments and training with regards to Asian Hornet
• Share information throughout the association via all communication links.
• Undertake any training and research with regards to the Asian Hornet in the UK.
• Provide suitable training, and information to the association with regards to the developments of Asian Hornet in the UK. Such as identification, trapping, and possible tracking where required.