My Apiary – Phil Atkin

Last summer Barry Crossley made the great suggestion that we show pictures of our hives and apiaries in the the Newsletter. In the July 2020 edition we featured members’ apiaries. We have had lots of enthusiastic comments from members
wanting to see more.

As we all love to see how the other half keep their bees here are a couple more members’ apiaries for you to admire. Thanks to Phil for sharing.
So come on, why not join in and share a photograph of your hives or apiary with fellow

Send your apiary images to for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Member Phillip Atkin sent in this image of his bees enjoying a recent mild 10c day which has given his bees the chance of taking cleansing and orientation flights. Bees are also out and about collecting water to take back to the hive for sharing. The bees have to make the most of these warm moments as they get ready for the spring and the start of the new season. Note the handy table and distinctive hive marking
to help the bees find their way back home.