World Bee Day “No Mow in May”

To celebrate World Bee Day on the 20th May 2021, Stafford Bee Group, Burton, North Staffordshire, and South Staffordshire Beekeeping Associations are encouraging their members to not mow some of their lawns in May. has demonstrated the benefits to bees and the wildlife in our gardens by not mowing our lawns, which allows a diversity of wildflowers to grow. Plantlife’s ‘Every
Flower Counts’ survey found that 80% of lawns supported the equivalent of around 400 bees a day from the nectar produced by flowers such as dandelion, white clover and selfheal. If you don’t mow part of your lawn, this figure can rise by 10-fold, supporting up to 4000 bees per day.

So please join us celebrating World Bee Day in Staffordshire by not mowing a part of your lawn in May.

We would love to hear how you get on and see the results For more information on the benefits of not cutting your lawn, go to No Mow May: how to get ten times more bees on your lockdown lawn and BBKA Gardening for Bees