Geoff gets a Mystery Swarm…

On Sunday May 16th, on a day of light rain with clear intervals and a few minutes after leaving to walk the short distance home, Jannice who had been trimming my beard phoned to report a swarm on the outside of my boundary fence, which runs alongside the pavement of a side road.

Showing considerable initiative, she also took a photograph of the swarm.

Being helpless in such a situation, I rang Stuart who arrived in rapid time and quickly brushed the swarm into a nucleus box and was away, even declining the offer of a beer, leaving me to ponder on the sequence of events.

The following morning at 7.30 a.m. the four colonies in the back garden were checked by Stuart and pronounced to be queen right, so they weren’t the culprits.

Jannice would claim that there was no swarm on the fence when she walked past the first time, when the usual light rain had come to an end. Thirty five minutes later, the swarm was on the fence and one hour later, the rain was teeming down.

There are no beekeepers in the vicinity and one would not expect bees to be swarming within the weather pattern at that time. A mystery indeed.

One can only speculate what might have been the possible outcome when children and mothers would have been within touching distance of the of the swarm when walking to Primary school the following morning…

Geoff Hopkinson BEM NDB