My ‘No Mow May’ Lawn

You ‘may’ recall that in the last Newsletter we asked you not to mow your lawn during May 2021 to celebrate World Bee Day which fell on May 20th 2021.

Not mowing your lawn allows a diversity of wild flowers to grow, like dandelion and white clover.

This benefits all pollinating insects including honey bees who gather the nectar and pollen.

Below you can see how some of our club members lawns looked when they were not
mowed for a month or probably longer in most cases as the weather was so cold
and wet at the time.

The top row shows Alan’s, Stuart’s and Jo’s lawns after weeks of being left to their own devices.

Stuart finally resorted to cutting paths in the grass so he could get around his garden.
The photograph at the bottom of the page shows an area of Kate and Charles’ garden that was left to grow as it liked. I think that you will agree that it looks very pretty and not at all like some of the others. Have you got a picture of your lawn to show us?