Swarms – Tell us your stories?

We have featured a number of swarm stories this month.
If you have a swarm story and pictures to go with it send them to us and we will share them in the newsletter.

Every swarm is different and needs a different technique to collect safely and successfully.

So tell us your story and help other beekeepers to learn from your experiences.
The club is putting together a swarm policy with information on how to get on the swarm list in your area (coming soon)

Kate and Charles were called by a worried motorist in Stafford recently. ‘There are bees all over my bonnet’ said the car owner. By the time our intrepid beekeepers had arrived at the scene, the bees had settled and were admiring themselves in the door mirror.
Charles noticed a larger group of bees hanging under the mirror and thought, ah ha, the queen might just be in there.

With Kate holding the box he slowly gathered as many bees as he could in his hands and deposited them in to the nuc, and sure enough the remaining bees joined the
queen in their new home. Result, one happy motorist and two very satisfied bee rescuers. The End

Keith Thompson asks the question:
‘How do you remove a swarm of bees from a building?’

..and the answer according to Keith is: ‘With a boomloader and a bee vac’.
NB: The bees are located at the top right hand corner of the open window

Kate and Jo with the huge swarm that they collected from the clean store on 14th June.
The bees had already picked their hive and were making comb!