In the SPOTLIGHT – Committee Member Jo Berriman

Q1. How long have you been a beekeeper?
A. Beginner in 2016, so this is my fifth season.

Q2. Why did you become a beekeeper?
A. I think it was subliminal when I was a student living in Manchester.

Q3. What is your favourite bit of beekeeping kit?
A. Favourite piece of kit, hard one. Possibly the standard hive tool.

Q4. How many bee suits do you have?
A. 3 ish suits.

Q5. What is your proudest beekeeping moment?
A. Collecting a large swarm from a below ground water stopcock which was as deep as the full length of my arm.

Q6. Do you have a favourite pair of socks?
A. Nordic socks with a multicoloured Fair Isle pattern.

Q7. Who is your beekeeping hero or heroine?
A. Celia Davis, I love her books.

Q8. What beekeeping disasters have you had?
A. Naive nasty sting below my eye.

Q9. Which aspect of beekeeping do you like best?
A. Finding eggs from a new queen.

Q10. What is your least favourite beekeeping job?
A. Throwing out drone layers.

Q11. If you didn’t keep bees, would you be a
campanologist or a Morris dancer?
A. Campanologist

Q12. What would be your best bit of beekeeping advice?
A. Observe and try to think like a bee.

Q13. What would your last meal be?
A. Cheese.

Q14. What is your favourite bit of a bee?
A. Pollen baskets.

Q15. When you think about your bees, what makes you smile?
A. Wondering what I will find this time.

Q16. Do you like honey?
A. Love it.

Q17. What annoys you about bees (apart from the stings)?
A. Not a lot

Q18. Do you talk to your bees?
A. Always.

Q19. How often are you asked to stop talking about bees?
A. Not as often as I thought I would be, most folk are really interested.

Q20. Do you prefer sweet or savoury nibbles?
A. Savoury.

Q21. What other interests do you have besides beekeeping?
A. Loads. I love making things and growing things

Q22. Who would you like to inspect a hive with?
A. Debbie Harry

Q23. What sums up your attitude to bees and beekeeping?

A. Awe.