Space Bees…

Chris Shaw, our past President, recently had an opportunity to set up a small apiary at Collins Aerospace in Wolverhampton, a manufacturing company that makes aeroplane actuation systems.

The company, like a lot of firms these days is keen to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the local environment and raising awareness with their workforce.
As part of the project, they asked Chris to put on a lunchtime beekeeping presentation for the staff. Due to covid rules this meant talking to small socially distanced groups which made it all the more fun.

So on July 12th I duly went along to represent our association and answer questions about club membership, and training courses. Joining us was Lorraine Parker who has just successfully completed the club’s beginners course and was ideally suited to giving a new beekeeper’s perspective on keeping bees.

Those that attended asked lots of interesting questions and were able to buy some of the first honey from the on-site hives. There was also a lot of interest in SS&DBKA and I think that we shall see some of them joining our club in the not too distant future.

Fay Heywood, Environmental Health and Safety Officer for Collins Aerospace said that she had had excellent feedback from the staff who attended the presentation.

Thank you to Chris for the invite and I wish her continuing success with her project at Collins Aerospace.