Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his family on Monday 21st June.

Steve was a well respected member of our association who helped in many ways and
was very proficient at record keeping and taking minutes of meetings.

But Steve always preferred to be in his bee suit and inside a hive. He loved his bees and
cared for them and treated them with respect.

As a member of the team looking after the bees at Hilton Green, his care and attention
to detail was much valued. He had been keeping bees for about ten years and through all that time he worked alongside me and we were best mates.

Steve’s fight against liver cancer began quite well and we thought he was making progress, but it was not to be. I never heard him complain, he just carried on as best he could.

The day before Steve died we had managed to extract the oil seed rape honey from
his hive at Brinsford for him. When it was delivered and he was told that there was 60
lbs his face lit up. Steve lived life well and enjoyed a laugh and a joke, so smile and remember a wonderful man.

Chris Shaw