My first National Honey Show visit – by Elizabeth Bennett (aged 9)

In October I went to the National Honey Show. When we arrived it was very exciting, so after we had stood under an archway that said “welcome to the honey show” we went in immediately.

Me with my mum, Jess and my younger sister Nancy

Inside the building were rows and rows of jarred honey. I was amazed at the many different colours. There was clear and set honey, and a range of colours including near black, brown, yellow and golden.

Lots of honey!
Nancy finds the queen

Next, we looked at the Junior Exhibits a few of them were, a stitched bee, a model of a varroa mite next to a honey bee and a painting of pollination.

There were over 350+ classes of exhibits. The most memorable for me included a giant bee hanging from the ceiling, a chessboard with chess pieces made from wax and some a teddies having eating a honey themed picnic. And guess what we found under a stitched quilt? …a queen!

Afterwards we met the author of Betsie Valentine and the honeybees. My family and I love the pictures and look forward to her next book. Me and my sister entered a colouring competition to win a signed copy of it.

Me and my sister Nancy colouring bee pictures

Finally, we went and listened to a beekeeping lecture titled “things I wish I’d learnt earlier”.

Next year if I get the chance, I’ll definitely go to the show again and I might even enter some of the junior classes myself.

Elizabeth Bennett