Paddock Apiary ready for the 2022 season…

The Paddock apiary at the the Kennels is now up and running with the bees waiting for spring and the new season to start.

A lot of hard work from members transformed the old paddock area from a wilderness to the orderly row of bee hives that you see today (12th Jan 2022).

Along the way we had to cut down trees, rebuild hedges, move lots of kit and equipment and have lots of bonfires and of course tea and cake (thank you to Wendy and the catering team).

A big thank you to all the members that gave up time to come and help with the
work and particularly to Chris and Alan Brewin for masterminding the move with
military precision and planning.

The bees received their winter varroa treatment last week and have been
hefted to ensure they have enough food to get them through the winter months.

During the 2022 season the Association apiary at Shugborough will be open every Saturday morning from 10.00am and again on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm.
We will also be running meetings at our Hilton Green apiary this year, starting with a frame and hive box making workshop in late February early March 2022