Honey Show & Convention 2022

The Honey Show and Convention is now open to enter and purchase tickets.

Our Honey Show, Special Edition Newsletter, will provide more information, outline the 23 Honey Show Classes you can enter, there is a program for the day, some recipes, and Honey Show hints and tips.  You can use the honey show entry form to indicate which classes you wish to enter. The honey show is free to enter, and entries must be taken to the honey show drop off point at Northfield Village on either Friday evening from 17.00 – 18.00 or Saturday morning from 8.30 – 9.30.

Link to enter the honey show classes  https://forms.gle/oKdSGNXG7iGjKKXE6

You can purchase tickets for the convention, which are £10.00 per person and includes a buffet lunch, and afternoon tea and cake. The event is ticket only due to the space available at the venue and spaces will be allocated on a first come; first served basis.

Link for tickets  https://forms.gle/bgiBGzDBPnyxMsKx5

For more information, head over to our website  Honey Show & Convention 2022 – South Staffordshire & District Beekeepers Association (southstaffsbeekeepers.com)

Any as always, if you have any question or queries, please get in touch at  ssbka-mail@southstaffsbeekeepers.com