Study Groups, BBKA Exam Fees & Dates 2023

If you’re intending to further your learning this year, why not consider joining one of our BBKA Module study groups?

Jan is leading a study group for preparation for the Basic Assessment in July, which starts on 27th February.  Dayna is leading a study group preparing for the Honey Bee Health Certificate also in July and Trevor is leading the General Husbandry study group for assessment in July, and they meet monthly, on the second or third Monday.

There is no requirement to undertake any assessments, please just come along to gain knowledge and improve your beekeeping.

Any members who wish to undertake examinations on the 18th March, please let Trevor know by the 10th February and the closing date for the Honey Bee Health Assessment and General Husbandry is the 28th February.

If you would like more information about anything in this email, please contact Trevor at  We have attached below the exam & assessment dates and fees FYI