BeeCraft Subscriptions

BeeCraft Subscritions will be managed differently from now on.

You will be given a special promotion code when you either sign up or renew your membership to BeeCraft so that you can manage things yourself via the BeeCraft website. Not only will this make it easier for everyone to manage, it also means you’ll now be able to set up Direct Debit Payments ensuring that your BeeCraft subscription renews automatically and receiving an even greater discount.

The branch discounted rates are £33 for a 12 month print subscription and £20 for a 12 month digital subscription (normal prices are £41 and £25). Further discounts for Direct Debit payments (£31 for print, £18 for digital).

Please note that these prices will be increasing on 1st December to £35 and £22 respectively so make sure you renew your membership before then so that you can access current prices.