Bookings Open for our 2024 Beginning Beekeeping Course

Our Beginning Beekeeping Course covers practical skills and provides you with a basic knowledge and understanding of bees and beekeeping allowing you to be able to handle bees safely.

We run two course each year. The course starts with an induction session followed by 6 consecutive Saturday mornings during May and June.

We host one course at our Apiary on the Shugborough Estate, and the second at our sister Apiary at the Forest of Mercia site at Hilton Green.

Both courses are identical and cover the same 6 week practical course, providing plenty of hands on experience with the bees. Each practical session is then supported with a short theory session, after tea and cake.

Over the weeks, you will be able to handle Honeybees under the supervision of our experienced Beekeepers, working in small groups.

The course includes:

  • How to keep yourself safe
  • Hive parts and beekeeping equipment
  • The different types of hives
  • Recognising Brood, nectar, pollen and honey
  • Basic bee biology
  • Understanding why bees swarm
  • Recognising and marking Queens
  • Apiary Hygiene
  • Bee Diseases
  • How to keep strong and healthy bees

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