The SSDBKA currently has two apiaries, Shugborough and Hilton Green.

Shugborough has been the home of SSDBKA for many years in three locations on the estate. This is our main teaching apiary where we maintain between 15-20 hives and a number of nucleus colonies. Here we run the beginners beekeeping course and maintain hives for use in basic assessment and for our “improvers group” to work on and practice more advanced techniques of swarm control and colony increase. We aim to demonstrate shook swarm, horizontal and vertical splitting and bailey comb change every season.

For the past couple of seasons we have aimed to produce nucleus hives for all those on the beginning beekeeping course or new beekeepers who require them.

The Hilton Green site is a Forest of Mercia development intended to be a public access facility. SS&DBKA have be granted an area for an apiary intended initially as an isolation site for splits and swarms. However, two hives were placed here for the “Healthy Bee Day”, and they have been so successfully integrated the have produced a good quantity of honey which has been extracted, bottled and labelled with a special label and is now on sale.