Apiary Records

Page for entering and viewing our Apiaries Inspection Data.

This page is NOW LIVE Real Data only Please

For anyone one interested this form, and many others on this site, use the associations Google account. The forms are created using Google Forms, and data is stored in a Google Sheets spreadsheet on a Google Drive. If you have a Google account you can do the same. All these will run on mobile phones and PC’s. If you want to be really clever you can add AppSheet to Google Docs and create an app to run on your phone.

Data Entry form for Hilton Green and Shugborough apiaries.

Before entering new data please check the SPREADSHEET VIEW below, each hive has its own tab at the bottom of the page, so Shugborough apiary Hive 5 is SH Hive 5. Ensure that data for the inspection you are entering has not already been done, some hives appear to have had multiple inspections on the same day, entered at different times.

Spreadsheet view of data entered:

The tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet are additional sheets with the data selected for each apiary and sorted in to order of hive and date.

Example Record Sheets to download: