Education Schedule 2019

The Education programme for 2019 is now complete except for the Winter Lectures. The 2020 programme is currently under review by the Education group, which is also analysing the survey results to ensure the association meets the broadest range of members needs

Main Schedule 2019

Below is the proposed schedule of education events for the 2019 season. There are two parts, the main proposed events and the additional events.

There are pdf versions to download if you prefer.

This schedule is dynamic and may change as weather and events unfold so please keep an eye on this page.

Thursday night programme.

7.00pmLead tutor for the evening to describe and explain the three learning streams. Members to freely choose which option to join or NOT if they have something else to do
7.10pmSmokers lit and kit assembled, the group makes its way to the designated hive.
7.10-7.45pmDemonstration / hands on activity, typically only 3 hives will be opened on each evening.
7.45-8.00pmDebrief on the activity, Q&A’s specific to the technique demonstrated
8.00-8.30pmTea/coffee, cake /biscuits
8.30-8.45pmA 10 minute talk on a topical subject and jobs for the weekend suggested.
8.45-9.00pmQ&A’s of a general nature.