Next Study Group starting 6th Dec @ 7pm: Module 1: Honey Bee Management 

The next Study Group is starting 6th Dec @ 7pm: Module 1: Honey Bee Management.

If you are interested in improving your knowledge and understanding of Honey Bee Management and would like to join us then please contact Trevor Smith directly at

The areas that Trevor will be covering are detailed here. Please note there is no expectation for study group members to take exams unless they would like to.

Swarm Collectors List Process

The club maintains a list of suitably trained and experienced beekeepers whom are willing to collect swarms as a public service. To join our club’s Swarm Collectors List, beekeepers should be an active and known member of the association.

At the 21st April ’21 Committee Meeting it was agreed that from 2022 we will implement the process detailed here for our members to be added to the Swarm Collectors List.

Please contact the Membership Secretary if you have any queries relating to this.