Basic Assessment

The BBKA beekeeping basic assessment is for those beekeepers who have kept one colony of bees for at least one year. It is a practical assessment which examines the beekeepers practical skills and knowledge.

For further information check out the link to the BBKA Basic Assessment information page:

It covers:

  • Frame Making
  • Smoker lighting and maintenance
  • Ability to handle bees
  • Recognise, name and manipulate hive parts
  • Recognise, name and discuss:
    • Worker Bees, worker brood in all stages
    • Drones, drone brood
    • Queen and queen cells
    • Honey store
    • Pollen Stores
    • Common bee diseases
    • Common brood disease
  • Be able to collect a sample of bees for testing

If you have any questions about the Basic Assessment or would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either of the Association’s Educational Leads, Trevor Smith and Wendy Woodward.

Education Lead

Trevor Smith

Education Lead

Wendy Woodward