A Huge Thank You!

Dear Members

A huge thank you to those who managed to join us last Saturday 26th February at the Shugborough Apiary for our first maintenance day of the year. We appreciate all the hard work it took to get our equipment and apiary grounds ready for the new season and we hope you enjoyed being able to catch up with your beekeeping friends.

Our next event will be frame making and box building which will be held at our Hilton Green Apiary on Saturday the 19th March. More details to follow.

Thank you once again

Best regards

Alan & Chris Brewin

(Apiary Co-ordinators)

Training, Education and support for beekeepers in 2022

Following the successful move to the new apiary location at Shugborough ‘The Kennels Paddock’, we look forward to all members joining us on Saturday mornings and Thursday nights, commencing in May.  

On a Saturday morning, members are invited to support the apiary working group to undertake weekly inspections.  

Thursday nights will be a mix of social and educational, Covid and weather permitting, where all members will have an opportunity to share their experiences and catch up socially.  

The apiary and education teams will work closely to identify practical demonstrations deemed appropriate or necessary on our colonies and we will arrange subjects for discussion throughout the season.

If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to see covered or you would like to share your experience with other members, please get in touch with us.

Our education offer will continue with ….

Basic Assessment in Beekeeping
open to all who have managed at least one colony of bees for a minimum of 12 months – 6 study group sessions, followed by at least 2 sessions in the apiary before the assessment in July.

Anyone interested, please let us know before the end of January 2022.

Honeybee Health Certificate: open to those who have passed the Basic Certificate and kept bees for at least 3 years – 6 study group sessions followed by at least 2 sessions in the apiary before the assessment in July.

Anyone interested, please let us know before the 28th of February 2022.

General Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry:  
Are there any members who have passed the Basic Certificate and have at least 5 years of beekeeping experience?  If so, why don’t you consider joining our Beekeeping General Husbandry study group which will run during 2022, for assessment in 2023. 

Study Groups
We will be running BBKA module study groups throughout 2022 based on the demand from members.  Study groups are a really good way of increasing your beekeeping knowledge and you don’t have to undertake the examination at the end.

We are currently running module 1 Honeybee Management, which takes place on the first Monday of the month via Zoom.  If you would like to join this study group or undertake any of education opportunities above, please email Trevor on Trevorsmith_13@yahoo.com

If you would like any more information about ways in which you can get more experience of handling bees at the apiary, take part in any of the education offers, or if you would just like to help, please email us at ssbka-mail@southstaffsbeekeepers.com

Stay well and safe 

Alan Greenman 

Out Apiary opportunity…

Hi everybody, I hope you had a good Christmas & a Happy New Year to you.
Is there anyone in the association who is looking for an out apiary site?

The land in question is in Stafford, at the bottom of Lichfield road and it has been purchased to avoid further building & to keep it as a natural area.

The owners would really like someone to use the land, free of charge, to keep bees on.
Anyone interested please contact Stuart Turner via email at: lou.stu@live.co.uk

Kind regards
Charlotte Coleman

The club bees go on holiday…

We have now completed the temporary apiary move requested by the National Trust and for at least a couple of seasons we will be operating from the Kennels paddock area at Shugborough.

The National Trust have supplied us with electricity, a water supply and even our own toilet facilities (portaloo) to make life a bit more luxurious.

To move the bees from our old apiary to the new site we sent them on holiday to our Hilton Green apiary for a couple of weeks during November.

This was to ensure that they didn’t wander back to the old location by mistake.

The club bees at Hilton Green Holiday Camp

The club would like to say a big thank you to Chris and Alan Brewin, Clive Stewart, Chris Shaw, Phil Atkin and the all the teams members who made this happen.

Work party members take a welcome break…

Another big thank you is due to Woody Woodward and her catering team who supplied tea and cakes to the members who came along to help with the big move. Thank you to you all.