First Bee Safari of 2022

This morning Members had the pleasure of attending Jan Horstink’s Apiary for the first bee safari of 2022.

Jan has an Apiary in Haughton with approximately 15-20 colonies in a number of hives, nucs, and a top bar hive.

It was a gloriously warm sunny morning in beautiful surroundings and the attending Members worked together to review and inspect a number of colonies, following a short briefing from Jan on each colony’s current status.

Afterwards Members cooled off refreshments and Jan’s signature Danish Apple Tart, (which I can confirm was extremely delicious!) and were them treat to a tour of Brazenhill Honey House – a very envious sight indeed!

Huge thanks to Jan for the kind invitation to visit your home and Apiary. The morning was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

My first National Honey Show visit – by Elizabeth Bennett (aged 9)

In October I went to the National Honey Show. When we arrived it was very exciting, so after we had stood under an archway that said “welcome to the honey show” we went in immediately.

Me with my mum, Jess and my younger sister Nancy

Inside the building were rows and rows of jarred honey. I was amazed at the many different colours. There was clear and set honey, and a range of colours including near black, brown, yellow and golden.

Lots of honey!
Nancy finds the queen

Next, we looked at the Junior Exhibits a few of them were, a stitched bee, a model of a varroa mite next to a honey bee and a painting of pollination.

There were over 350+ classes of exhibits. The most memorable for me included a giant bee hanging from the ceiling, a chessboard with chess pieces made from wax and some a teddies having eating a honey themed picnic. And guess what we found under a stitched quilt? …a queen!

Afterwards we met the author of Betsie Valentine and the honeybees. My family and I love the pictures and look forward to her next book. Me and my sister entered a colouring competition to win a signed copy of it.

Me and my sister Nancy colouring bee pictures

Finally, we went and listened to a beekeeping lecture titled “things I wish I’d learnt earlier”.

Next year if I get the chance, I’ll definitely go to the show again and I might even enter some of the junior classes myself.

Elizabeth Bennett

The National Honey Show

The 90th National Honey Show will run from 21st to 23rd October 2021
at Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ.

Go to: for much more information about the show.

They are also planning to live stream the lectures, for those who cannot attend in person, and details of how to register for this service will be on the website nearer the time.

Of course we hope these advance preparations will prove superfluous in hindsight, but they will nevertheless smooth the way for reduced queuing for the show to take place as we hope, just as normal.

Admission to the Show is only by pre-booked tickets or paid up membership.

To reduce queuing at the show, admission to the show must be pre‐booked.

Day admission tickets can be purchased from the website shop: from 1st September to 11th October.

National Honey Show membership will give the usual admission for all three
days of the show and can be bought or renewed also from the website shop

Printed Show Schedules will be posted to members and UK day ticket holders who choose to receive a posted copy.

The shop will close on 11th October to allow admission tickets and Show Schedules to be posted.

So come along and bring your friends and colleagues but remember, admission to the show will be strictly by pre-booked ticket only.

Garden Party at ‘The Mount’

‘The Mount’, Cresswell, Stafford, ST189QS.

Please come along and have a wander round the beautiful garden, perhaps buy some plants and definitely eat some cake.

All proceeds go to The Katherine House Hospice.

Tickets are £5 per person which entitles you to a piece of cake and all seating is undercover.

Due to continuation of lockdown, we will open from Monday 12th July to Sunday 18th July.

Session times are 10.00 – 12 noon, 1.00pm to 3.00pm and 3.00pm – 5.00pm. We just ask you to book your day and time slot in advance.

For more information and the latest on the event, please phone Chris Williams on: 07775606834 or email