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Asian Hornet Week 6th -10th September

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Annual BBKA Hornet & Wasp Photo Competition is currently running. 

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Bee Experience Days are back.

The next Honey Bee Experience Day is on Sunday 19th September 2021 starting at 12.00 noon at our Shugborough Apiary. The cost is £60 for the session. Please ring either the Chairman or the Secretary to book a place or for more information.

For more information, please contact:
Alan Greenman, Chairman – 07803 432599; email: agreenman219@gmail.com
Ed Bennett, Secretary – 07980 295981

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BIBBA.COM where there are lots of Webinars and Zoom meetings to sort a wide range of beekeeping interests and abilities.

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AGM 2021 Report here.

2021-22 Committee

The SSDBKA AGM was held on Thursday 28th of March and the following were elected to form the new committee:


  • President: Stuart Roberts
  • Chair: Alan Greenman
  • Treasurer: Julie Hamer
  • Secretary: Ed Bennett

Additional Committee members

There are currently spaces on the committee which can be filled by coopting additional members if required.

  • Claire George – (Membership)
  • Clive Stewart – (AHAT)
  • Vacant – (Apiary Coordinator)
  • Vacant – (Events Coordinator)
  • Dayna White – (Quartermaster)
  • Phil Atkin – (Events)
  • Jo Berriman – (Comms)
  • Russell Barlow – (Health & Safety)

Committee meets up to 10 times a year as required.

Committee Vacancy.

A place has become vacant on committee, anyone interested in finding out more and getting involved please contact:


Include “Committee vacancy” in the subject.

New pages recently added or updated:

The apiary on the clean up day

Preparing for Winter!

Yes its that time of year again, the bees rushing around trying to to fill every cell with honey, beekeepers rushing around removing any “surplus” honey, assessing the strength of colonies, and stores. The bees are on the Balsam, the Ivy is already flowering in some parts of the County, some colonies are becoming more defensive, wasps are active and the nights are drawing in!

So here are a few things for your beekeeping ToDo list.

  • Remove any surplus supers
  • Compress super frames into one super if possible
  • Consider if a super of food will be left on over winter
    • Consider if the super will be “under” or “over” supered.
  • Prepare to apply Varroa treatments
  • Prepare for feeding if required
    • Check and clean feeders
    • Prepare heavy syrup or order proprietary feeds such as Ambrosia
    • Make sure appropriate crowns boards, ekes etc. are available on all hives
  • Consider weather proofing hives
  • Consider if additional insulation is required
  • Assess colonies and consider uniting, throwing out, or downsizing to nucs for any smaller colonies
  • Plan when to remove queen excluders
  • Check out BBKA website in the Resources Section, a number of new publications available including: BBKA News – Natural Varroa-Resistant Honey Bees – NEW, BBKA News – Integrated Pest Management – NEW.
  • Any other suggestions gratefully received!

Member Services Open for Business.

Have you got your Club cap?

Just 3 Remaining….

Visit Member Services page for items the Association has on offer, including the cap!

So you Want to be a beekeeper?

Currently all courses are cancelled until the Corvid 19 situation is clarified. We hope to resume our programme of training next year.

2021/22 Beekeeper training opportunities here

Images from the 2019 course at last the beginners course members got to delve into to mysteries of a colony of bees.

Shugborough apiary hits the News!

Buzzing with the bees – Taking care of the apiary at a stately home

Follow the link above to find out what the Shropshire has to say about beekeeping thanks to our chair Alan Greenman.