Honey Show

SSDBKA Honey Show 2019

Show free to enter this year

Judging at 10am by John Carrier    

Open to the public from 12 noon to 4.00pm

This year, the Association’s Honey Show will be held at Hilton Green Apiary, Forest of Mercia on Saturday 21st September 2019.

Staging of entries will take place between 8.00am & 9.30am on the Saturday morning.

Between 10.00am and noon Charles Davis will be demonstrating how he makes his award winning plastic fruit and vegtables.

The honey tasting class (21) is back again due to popular demand, with members voting for their favourite tasting honey.

To enter this category simply fill a jar with your most delicious honey and bring it along to enter in the show.

This year, there is no entry charge to enter any or all of the classes listed on the previous page.

Remember that the Novice classes are for beekeepers who have kept bees for less than five years and who have not won a novice class before.

Entrance to the event is free to family, friends and the public and your support would be much appreciated.

SS&DBKA Honey Show 2019
Novice Class Class 1 – 1 jar 454g clear honey
Class 2 – 1 jar 454g set honey
Class 3 – Frame of honey ready for extraction – your frame
Open Class Class 4 – 2 jars 454g light honey
Class 5 – 2 jars 454g medium honey
Class 6 – 2 jars 454g heather honey
Class 7 – 2 jars 454g dark honey
Class 8 – 2 jars 454g set honey
Class 9 –  Any frame of honey ready for extraction
Class 10 – 5 jars of honey ready for sale, fully labelled with all legal requirements
Class 11 – Own design honey label to fit 454g jar displayed on empty jar. Must comply with legal requirements.
Class 12 – Photographic, images must be taken by entrant, subject bees or beekeeping. Technical data optional.
a) Bee or bees,
b) Beekeeping related scene. Size: A4
Class 13 – Beeswax 1 piece weight 200-255g  7-9oz to be cast in plain mould
Class 14 – Decorative use of beeswax
Class 15 – Beeswax candles 3 pieces
Class 16 – 1x 75cl bottle of mead dry or sweet, white plastic flanged cork.                                        a) Dry         b) Sweet        c) Melomel (flavoured)
Class 17 – Honey fudge own choice, recipe to be displayed 6 – 8 pieces
Class 18 – Honey biscuits own choice, recipe to be displayed 6 biscuits
Class 19 – Decorated honey cup cake, recipe to be displayed 4 cakes
Class 20 – Honey cake own choice, recipe to be displayed
Class 21 – Honey for tasting – members vote – Supply 1x 1lb jar of honey
Class 22 – Bee related craft project with explanation
Class 23 – Bee related invention or beekeeping gadget with detailed explanation

Honey Show Results 2019

FIRST SECOND THIRD Highly Commended Highly Commended Highly Commended
CLASS 1 Phil Atkin Karen Taylor Karen Atkin
CLASS 2 Karen Taylor
CLASS3 Alan & Chris Brewin Karen Taylor
CLASS 4 David Beasley Brian Harvey
CLASS 5 David Beasley Brian Harvey Dayna White
CLASS 6 Stuart Roberts Wendy Woodwood Brian Harvey
CLASS 7 Brian Harvey David Beasley
CLASS 8 Brian Harvey Karen Taylor
CLASS 9 Claire George Stuart Roberts Brian Harvey Wendy Woodwood
CLASS 10 Stuart Roberts Dayna White Szymon Jablonski Brian Harvey
CLASS 11 Stuart Roberts Dayna White
CLASS 12a Alan & Chris Brewin Dayna White Stuart Roberts Carl & Karen Mel
CLASS 12b Kate Davies Stuart Roberts
CLASS 13 Phil Atkin Brian Harvey Stuart Roberts
CLASS 14 Charles Davies Kate Davies Stuart Roberts
CLASS15 Szymon Jablonski Chris Shaw
CLASS 16a Claire George Karen Atkin
CLASS 16b Chris Shaw Stuart Roberts
CLASS 16 c Chris Shaw Chris Shaw
CLASS 17 Stuart Roberts
CLASS 18 Karen Atkin
CLASS 20 Jo Berriman Alan & Chris Brewin Carl & Karen
CLASS 21 Stuart Roberts  B Dayna White D Phil Atkin V
CLASS 22 Dayna White Stuart Roberts
CLASS 23 Alan & Chris Brewin
  • There were 100 entries in total 
  • There were 12 entries for class 21
  • 30 taster slips were filled in with 32 points to Stuart 26 points to Dayna and 22 points to Phil
  • The points for the David Battersby Shield were calculated awarding 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd and 1 point for H/C
  • When totaled Stuart was first with 44 points, Brian was second with 24 points, Chris & Alan third with 18 points         
  • Thanks were expressed to members for taking the time to enter, the judges for their expertise and organisers for a lovely show!

SS&DBKA Honey Show 2018

Here are the results: Honey Show Results 2018

Images from the day.

Charles Davis showing off his first prize winning frame
HoneyPot cu
Honey tasting
Honey Pots
ForestMercia man
Club Trophies
Dave Batterby shield
The Dave Battersby Shield awarded this year for the best overall performance in the show
BattersbyFamily small
The Battersby Clan showing off the shield and memorial seat created in memory of Dave.