Join Us

The SSDBKA has 5 categories of membership in 2021.

For those with bees:

  • Registered membership
  • Partner membership
  • Associate membership

For those without bees:

  • Country membership
  • Friend of South Staffs

The BBKA membership system will be operating for both new members and renewals for 2020. The procedures will be mostly carried out online.

Membership Renewals

All existing member of the SSDBKA and BBKA will receive an email some time during December inviting them to renew their membership.

This email will contain a link to the members record on ER2 (the BBKA membership system), and allow them to update their membership records and where appropriate, choose how many hives they wish to insure through BDI. Once completed the Membership Secretary will be informed and when the correct payment has been received the status of the member will be changed to reflect the completed renewal. At this point receipts will be issued.

If for any reason you are unable to complete the online renewal please contact the membership secretary who will be able to help.

New members:

Any one wishing to join SSDBKA will as usual need to complete an application form, though this will only require sufficient information for the membership secretary to create a record for the new member. Once this is completed an email will be issued to the new member containing a link to ER2 to enable them to complete the membership process. The Membership secretary will be informed when a new member has applied and when the correct payment has been received, will alter the status of the member to confirm payment and issue receipts.

The alternative paper and electronic methods will continue to be made available on request.

  • Printed application forms returned by post or,
  • Completed electronic form completed and returned by email

Membership Application forms 2021 NEW Members only.

Welcome to the SSDBKA.

The joining procedure has three stages.

Stage one you complete the application form below which gives us enough information to create a basic record in the ER2 (BBKA), database. When this is completed you will move to :

stage two, you will receive an email with a link to complete and check the data entered and make arrangements to pay the required subscription. This email will come from Ereturns not SSDBKA.

Stage three, will take place once payment has been received, your membership will be approved and you will receive a confirmation email with details of your membership and Bee Disease Insurance for Registered members.

Please read the SSDBKA Membership Pack 2021 before completing the application forms as this explains the fees and additional information required.

Please ensure that all boxes requiring a response are completed

Fees for 2020.

In Accordance with the 2018 AGM decision subscription fees have increased as follows:

Membership Category Membership Fee
Associate £15.00
Country £24.50
Friend £15.00
Junior £10.50
Partner £27.50
Registered £36.00


We accept:

  • Cheques
  • Electronic transfers (BACS payments)

Bank Details

If you wish to pay by BACS, the account details are:

  • Bank: CAF Bank Ltd
  • Account Name: South Staffordshire & District Beekeepers Association
  • Account Number: 00095894
  • Sort Code: 40 52 40

Completing Cheques

Send the completed application form and cheque payable to:

“S.S.& D.B.K.A.” to:
Claire George
55 Plant Crescent
ST17 4EH

or by email:

Unable to complete the online form?

In the event you cannot complete the online form we can supply forms in Acrobat or Excel format for you to complete electronically or print and return.

Advice on Completing the application forms

The electronic versions of the application forms are supplied in either a spreadsheet format (.XLSX) which is the current Microsoft Excel format. This will require a suitable application to both read it and perform the built in calculations for you. Here is some software which has been tested with the Online form :

  • Microsoft Excel
  • LibreOffice (Free to down load)
  • Google Sheets (Free from Google if you have a Google account)

The files can be opened on PC’s, Tablets and Phones with the correct apps installed. Calculations and drop down menus should work correctly. Comments which are there to help may not work in some apps.

The advantage to the online form is that it will work out the correct payment if filled in correctly. It will only do so if the correct membership category is selected and the total number of hives is entered.

To read the Printable form and the Membership Pack you will need an application which can read portable document format (.PDF) files also known as Acrobat files. These can be read by a wide variety of apps for PC’s, Phones and Tablets. Many word processing apps will read them. Here are a few common ones:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free, available form
  • Microsoft Word (This will convert the file to Word format initially and it can then be saved as a pdf when completed.
  • LibreOffice (Free from
  • Google Docs (Free from Google)

Although the printable form is designed to be printed and then returned by post, they can also be completed electronically and returned as a file electronically wit appropriate software. The supplied pdf files will not however do any calculations for you.

Acrobat files can be edited in:

  • Acrobat Reader – Choose Edit and Fill in
  • Microsoft Word – Once converted to a word file.

Please contact us if you have difficulty with the supplied formats.