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Ambrosia for sale

The Association is pleased to be able to offer members Ambrosia Syrup and Fondant for sale at last year’s prices.

Ambrosia is a ready mixed, high energy combination of sucrose, glucose and fructose, Ambrosia syrup and fondant bee food helps bee colonies to survive winter food shortages by mimicking the food that bees find in their natural environment.

With the sugar in Ambrosia being very concentrated, it does not ‘go off’ and the high fructose content of the product ensures that it will not crystallise. Both products will keep for many years if kept correctly.

Ambrosia Syrup

12.5 kilo tub £15

Bee Problem Diagnosis

Ambrosia Fondant

2.5 kilo pack 1 per hive recommended for winter feeding

One box contains 5 x 2.5kilos sachets of fondant. Price per box £17.


SSDBKA Cap. One size fits all

The latest addition to our club merchandise is this very smart baseball cap in navy blue with gold lettering on the front.
One size fits all. Just £10 buys this very special item. And don’t forget the smart enamel club badges still available at £5 each:

Both items available from Dayna White, Quartermaster.


Honey Jars:

1lb jars with lids are £25 per box of 72.

12oz Hexagonal Jars with lids jars are £30 for 84.

Please place your orders with Dayna White, Quartermaster either via mobile: 07710 182468 or email: