Money coming in to club

A big thank you to all those members who have turned on Amazon Smile when buying goods from Amazon.

It has generated significant income for the club funds and as a well known supermarket always says, ‘Every Little Helps’.

If you to want to help, go to the Amazon Smile page on the club website: and learn how you can help us fund our new marquee using
Amazon Smile

AGM 2021 – March 18th

The Club Annual General meeting is due to be held on March 18th 2021.
The committee is looking for two members, one to take on the role of Treasurer and one the role of Events Coordinator helping to organise social events for club members to participate in once we are able to meet up again. (see below for job role details)

If you are interested in helping the club by taking on either of these two roles please contact Alan Greenman, Chairman or Stuart Roberts, Club President for an informal chat. E-mail:

• Accepts on behalf of the association all monies and records it appropriately
• Pays on behalf of the association any authorised expenditure
• Ensures all income and expenditure records are kept up to date and an appropriate third party examines the end of year accounts
• Keeps the committee informed of the current situation with respect to finances
• Completes annual returns to Charity Commission
• Assists the President and Chairperson in preparing budgets for the association priorities

Events Coordinator:
• Develops the association’s annual calendar of events
• Plans events to meet association and members needs
• Co-ordinates the refreshments for members at the apiary and at ‘paid for’ events
• Co-ordinates the annual members survey
• Ensures that venues and speakers are hired, and refreshments arranged
• Monitors the success of events and feedback in order to improve future events

Bee Seasons outside and in

Outside the Hive

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Spring – A few foragers bringing pollen in
Summer – Foragers building up
Autumn – Full foraging activity
Winter – Few foragers visible

Inside the Hive

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Spring – Queen lays 1600 to 2000 eggs per day
Summer – Bees hatch and numbers grow
Autumn – Bees store and cap honey in the cells
Winter – Bees rely on their stored food, forage for water and take cleansing flights

For Sale – Slow Cooker

Slow cooker in working order, ideal for wax melting when making candles @ £5
and a pair of size 9 genuine Dunlop wellington boots for £10.

Contact Phil Atkin on Tel: 07976 935416 for more information.

Phil is giving the proceeds from the sale to the club fund for a new marquee