SSDBKA Online Q&A 1 2020

As it is currently impossible to hold meetings SSDBKA have decided to embrace the technology and create an online forum for members to have their questions answered by a team of experienced beekeepers. The atmosphere will not be the same as sitting in the marquee at Shugborough with the rain beating down, the sidewalls rattling in th wind and having to stop the discussion for trains, nor will there be cake and tea or a chance to catch-up with other members.

So we depend on you to use your imaginations and make what catering arrangements you prefer as you watch the recording of the events.

This is all by way of an experiment so please bear with us, but enjoy.

This is a recording of the first Q&A held in September 2020

The session went on for over an hour so the file is quite big. It may take some time to load this may depend on the quality of your internet connection.

It maybe better to download a copy of the file and play at your leisure. The file is in MP4 format.

Or try this lower resolution version.