Stafford Bee Group

Stafford Bee Group (SBG) offers a programme of lectures on beekeeping as well as other related subjects.

SBG lectures are held at the Northfield Centre, Stafford. The lectures usually last for an hour with a question and answer session to follow.

Details of our 2022 Winter Lectures are below:

Saturday 8th October, 11:00am – Jane Medwell

Jane Medwell – Honey Processing, Production and Storage

Saturday 5th November, 11:30am – Joyce Nesbit

Joyce Nesbit – Cut Comb, Chunk Honey and Section

Thursday 8th December, 7:30pm – Dr. Fred Ayres

Dr. Fred Ayres – An alternative approach to beekeeping

Thursday 19th January, 7:30pm – Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson – Queen Rearing Part 1 – Small scale queen rearing for the hobby beekeeper (Delivered via Zoom)

Saturday 4th February, 11:00am – Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson – Queen Rearing Part 2: The Staffordshire Queens (delivered via Zoom)

Saturday 4th March, 11:00am – Marin Anastasov

Management of Mini Nucs

Saturday 1st April, 11:00am – Lecture to be confirmed

Check back soon for more details

Everyone is welcome to join and meet in the café for a chat along with a cuppa and a bite to eat, from 10:00 onwards for events hosted in the Northfield Centre.

The cost of the 2022 Winter Lecture Programme is £15 for all 7 lectures, or alternative, if you are only interesting in one or two lectures, you can pay £5 per Lecture.

If you have any questions or queries please email