Stafford Bee Group

STAFFORD BEE GROUP now has its own website which can be found at:

Stafford Bee Group offers a programme of lectures on beekeeping as well as other related subjects.

Due to COVID restrictions, we will be delivering our lectures virtually, which will give you the opportunity to see lectures from your own home.  The lectures are on the first Thursday of every month, starting at 7.30pm.

Please don’t worry if you haven’t used your computer or smartphone to watch a lecture before, we will send you a ‘how to’ guide and will provide support if you need it.

Please register for an event at

8th October 2020 – An evening with Chas and Dave

Charles Davis has been keeping bees for over 10 years and David Rawnsthorne is a commercial beekeeper with over 30 years’ experience. They will talk about how they started, why they are passionate about beekeeping and let you in on a few beekeeping secrets. There will be an opportunity to answer questions from members, so if you have any questions for Charles or David please send them to

5th November 2020 – No accounting for bees

Matthew Ingram is a bee farmer from Tamworth in Staffordshire and will be talking about his journey from accountancy into beekeeping and bee farming, along with his experiences working on an Australian bee farm. He will then talk about honey extracting and the facilities he uses and hires out to other beekeepers, followed by a Q&A.

3rd December 2020 – An Inspector calls 

David Matthews is a Chartered Environment Health Practitioner with 44 years’ experience. David started his environmental health career in 1976 and is now a guest lecturer at universities including Wolverhampton and Coventry. David will talk about the food hygiene requirements for honey producers and what to expect when an inspector comes to call.