The SSDBKA AGM (Annual General Meeting) has to be held by the end of March each year. This is the key meeting open to all the membership to elect members of the Committee.

Each year we elect a number of people to do specific officer roles and a number of general committee members, all committee members must be nominated and stand for election each year. Officers must stand down after 3 years from that role and normally committee members are expected to step down after 3 years.

WARNING: The jobs outlined here DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO CONSIDER YOURSELF AN EXPERT BEE KEEPER. We require a willingness to get involved and work as part of a team to make the club work as well as it can in the interest’s of the membership, and bees!

AGM Agenda Click Here


  • Chair of Committee
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Plus up to eight additional committee members.

The AGM also elects representatives on a number of external bodies.

We will be seeking nominations for all Officer positions, and an additional 8 committee members. In addition we are looking for members to volunteer to help with various roles within the club.

The AGM will consider written and verbal reports from the officers, and have the opportunity to ask questions. We ask that complex questions be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance to the secretary.

Additionally the AGM can make changes to the rules and constitution as required.

The AGM also recognises the achievements of individual members and groups of members within the association

There are a number of jobs which essential and are carried out by members who may not be elected to committee but may have to report back to committee.

  • Education Coordinator (Chairs education sub group)
  • Apiary Sub Group Coordinator (Chairs Apiary Sub Group)
  • Membership Secretary (Deals with membership matters and BBKA and BDI)
  • Quarter Master (Coordinates a team to look after association equipment at the apiaries)
  • Groundskeeper (Coordinates a team to look after the grounds at the apiaries)
  • Honey Show Coordinator (New Role, Chairs Honey Show sub Group)
  • Fund Raising and Events Coordinator (New Role, Chairs a sub Group to fund raise and organise events)
  • WebMaster (Edits Association Website)
  • Communications (Runs email system and communications)

If you feel you have skills in any of theses areas or are simply willing to volunteer you services please do not hesitate to make yourself known to us.

If you are not entirely sure what the officer roles involve here are some guidelines which may help.

2021 AGM

To find out more about the current constitution:

To download a nomination form for an officer or committee member or make a proposal use the buttons below:

The nomination has three form. Members can nominate themselves or others, for as many roles as they wish

Complete online using “Sign & Edit” in Acrobat. Open in a word processor such as Word or Google Docs then email to the secretary. Or if you prefer print off the document fill in the traditional way and either post or email a scanned image to the secretary.

At the AGM, new Officers and Committee members will be elected and existing serving members re-elected.  Please note: all Officers and Committee members are elected for a period of 3 years but still have to be re-elected each year.

Nominations are now invited for:

  • President
  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Education Secretary
  • Apiary Coordinator
  • Asian Hornet Action Team Coordinator
  • Health & Safety Coordinator
  • Communications Secretary
  • Events Coordinator
  • Quartermaster

AGM 2021 minutes.

AGM 2021 minutes