Ways you can help bees

For some people, becoming a beekeeper is not possible, but there are lots of ways that we can support honeybees and other important pollinators.

  • Your garden is the bee’s fast-food takeaway; so, if your garden has a variety of bee friendly plants, you will be providing them with a varied menu through the seasons.
  • Create a water station for bees. Fill a shallow bird bath or bowl with water, with pebbles and stones inside so that they break the water’s surface. Bees will land on the stones for a drink
  • Have a section of lawn that you don’t mow
  • Have a small heap of branches at the back of a border that can provide shelter, places to nest and rest, and homes for native bees.
  • Welcome bees to your garden; treat them as friends not enemies
  • Create bee hotels
  • Embrace weeds; dandelions and clover are two of their favourites
  • Solitary bees often live in holes inside trees or hollow stems. Let stems of perennials overwinter as they provide hibernation refugee’s
  • Avoid using pesticides wherever possible and never spray open flowers provide nest sites for wild bees