South Staffordshire & District Beekeepers are a friendly group of local beekeepers whose aim is to educate anyone interested in taking up beekeeping as a hobby. We also provide opportunities for current Members to develop their own knowledge and to share their experiences with others.

Beginners first glimpse in a hive

We welcome beginners of all ages and backgrounds, so if you think you would be interested in becoming a beekeeper, why not book on to one of our six week Beginner Beekeeping Programmes or come down to our Training Apiary for one of our Beekeeper Experience Days.

South Staffordshire & District Beekeepers operate throughout the South Staffordshire area covering Stafford, Wolverhampton, Stone and Lichfield. We have two Apiary Sites, one on the grounds of National Trust Shugborough, and another at Hilton Green, Forest of Mercia.

South Staffordshire & District Beekeepers Association has been in operation for over a hundred years. It first met officially under the name of Staffordshire County Beekeepers’ Association at the Swan Hotel, Stafford on the 28th April 1883. It’s objectives were to encourage and advance beekeeping amongst the residents of the County.

In 1913 the South Staffordshire & District Association was formed for members residing in the south of the district.

The Association now has two teaching apiaries. One at National Trust Shugborough Estate and another at Hilton Green, Forest of Mercia and hosts a number of Beekeeper Experience Days and training programmes for both new beginner beekeepers and existing members to further develop their knowledge and experience.

We now have around 150 or so members who come from Stafford, Cannock, Wolverhampton and a wide circle outside that triangle. Our Apiary is maintained in Shugborough Hall grounds where we have approximately 15 hives, storage sheds and a marquee for small meetings. We hold the beginner meetings and apiary meetings here in the summer months.

The Association is also registered with the National Bee Unit on BeeBase and registered under Charity Number: 519681

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The Association is entirely self funded and managed purely by volunteers who give up their time.

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Staffordshire Apiaries

Hilton Green

Our Hilton Green Apiary is located in part of the beautiful 7 1/2 acre outdoor education site in Essington, South Staffordshire. It forms part of the Forest of Mercia development. You can find out more about Hilton Green here:


Shugborough has been the home of SSDBKA since 1983. Our Shugborough Apiary has historically been located near The Walled Garden. However, whilst the National Trust renovates the Walled Garden, the bees have moved to their new Apiary in the Paddock of The Kennels at Shugborough.

You can find out more about the move and keep up to date on all the developments at the The Kennel’s Apiary here.

Swarm of bees?

If you think you have found a swarm of bees, or need help identifying bees, please head to our Swarming page below for further information.

South Staffordshire & District Beekeepers Association (SSDBKA) is affiliated with the British Beekeepers Association.