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Coming up this Month.

At the Apiaries:

  • Checking stores and feeding where required about every 2 weeks
  • Treating for Varroa with apibioxal at the end of December or early January, after an extended cold period which should slow or stop the queen laying and ensure the bees are tightly clustered.

Membership Renewal underway

All members of SSDBKA should by now have received an email from eReturns inviting them to renew their membership for 2020. So far this appears to have been progressing smoothly, the new system appears to be working well and takes very little time to complete.

Be aware this is not an online payment system, SSDBKA at the momment can only take payment by BACS or Cheque as before.

More details can be found on the Join Us page

Apiary Winter Clean Up.

Big thanks to those stalwarts who turned out on Saturday 23rd of November for the winter apiary clean up. We were lucky with the weather, dull and over cast but no rain to speak of. Strimming, scorching, sorting and a bonfire as well.

Winter Lectures 2019/2020

Stafford Bee Group

All events at the “County Club” Stafford

Thursday 9th January 2020

Steven Falk – ‘Bees of the British Isles’

Thursday 6th February 2020

Lynfa Davies – ‘How to get drawn comb and what to do with your old comb’

Thursday 5th March 2020

Marin Anastasov ‘My System of Beekeeping’

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Peter Bell ‘Bee keepers question time’


All events at Shareshill Village Hall.

Thursday 23rd January 2020

Stuart Roberts – ‘What happens to the queen after mating’

Thursday 27th February 2020

Graham Royal – ‘The mating process: what actually happen

Thursday 26th March 2020


So you Want to be a beekeeper?

2020 Beekeeper training opportunities here

Beginning Beekeeping Course 2020 Applications now open.

Images from the 2019 course at last the beginners course members got to delve into to mysteries of a colony of bees.

Shugborough apiary hits the News!

Buzzing with the bees – Taking care of the apiary at a stately home

Follow the link above to find out what the Shropshire has to say about beekeeping thanks to our chair Alan Greenman.

Top Bar Hive going well…

The top bar hive at Shugborough followed the pattern of many other colonies this season by having a early summer break having made an apparently good start. It may have swarmed but certainly seems to have re-queened. However things are now back on track and combs being created and filled further and further from the main nest which is in the centre of the hive. Below Keith is demonstrating one comb filling nicely with honey.

Great Start!

For any one interested in Top Bar Hives, this one has a centrally placed entrance, the colony was created by shook swarming from a National Brood box in 2018. The bees chose to build from the centre out, though we used the follower boards to restrict the initial space available. As can be seen from the picture above they are moving further out building new comb and the bars beyond the one being held.

2019-20 Committee

The SSDBKA AGM was held on Thursday 28th of March and the following were elected to form the new committee:


  • President: Stuart Roberts
  • Chair: Alan Greenman
  • Treasurer: Claire George
  • Secretary: Lynne Lacey

Additional Committee members

  • Keith Thompson
  • Paul Twibill
  • Clive Stewart
  • Phil Atkin
  • Trevor Smith
  • Wendy Woodward
  • Dayna White

There are currently spaces on the committee which can be filled by coopting additional members if required.

Committee meets up to 10 times a year as required.

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