Welcome to the SS&DBKA Committee Members for 2022-23


Alan Greenman

Alan has been keeping bees since 2011, the year before he retired. Alan has fond memories of staying over at his Grandad’s when he was younger, who was also a beekeeper and still uses his Grandad’s old penknife as part of his kit.

Besides Beekeeping, Alan enjoys motorcycling and cooking.


Claire George

Claire was been a beekeeper since 2011, after a neighbour acquired some old beekeeping equipment, which together they cleaned up and placed in Claire’s garden.

Claire enjoys lots of hobbies including reading, knitting, building 3D jigsaws and DIY – which also comes in handy when building bee equipment.


Julie Hamer

Julie has been a beekeeper for several years. A long forgotten interest in beekeeping as a child was awoken after receiving a gift of a bee experience day in the Cotswolds, this inspired her to find a local beginners course.

After attending SS&DBKA beginners and getting the first nuc of bees, the original intention of having ‘one hive in the garden’ didn’t last as she caught the beekeeping bug.


Ed Bennett

Ed became a beekeeper in 2019 after attending one of the Association’s Honeybee Experience Days in 2018. He then enrolled on the 6 week Beginners Beekeeping Course in 2019 and bought a nucleus of bees from the Association upon completion of the Course.

Ed shares his love of bees with his wife Jess, and their two budding beekeeper daughters.

If you would have any questions, or would like to get in touch with any of our Members, please do not hesitate to do so at the email address below:

Elected Members

  • Trevor Smith – Education Coordinator & Exam Secretary
  • Wendy Woodward – Education Coordinator
  • Dayna White – Quartermaster
  • Chris Shaw – Membership
  • Alan & Chris Brewin – Apiary Coordinators
  • VACANCY – Events Coordinator
  • VACANCY – Communications
  • Clive Stewart – AHAT Coordinator
  • VACANCY – Health & Safety

The committee is able to co-opt additional members as necessary and can create “Sub Groups” to carry out specific tasks, these do not have to, but may include committee members.

Currently we have the following Sub Groups:

  • Apiaries Sub Group:
    • Function:
      • To plan and organise the apiary
      • Arrange work parties
      • Advise Committee
      • Liaise with the Education Sub Group

  • Education Sub Group:
    • Function
      • To plan and organise all aspects of teaching and learning for the SSDBKA.
      • Advise committee
      • Liaise with relevant groups

The Committee meets as frequently as it considers necessary. Our Constitution requires us to meet not less than three times a year; although we generally meet on a monthly basis. Minutes are made available below, once approved at the subsequent Committee Meeting.