New Beekeepers

If you are here because you are interested in becoming a beekeeper – fantastic news – and good for you!

I imagine you are very excited to find out more and get started enjoying the wonderful world of Honeybees. But before you dash off to search for a bee hive to plonk in the bottom of your garden, so you can take pleasure in enjoying watching the bees go about their busy bee business; we at South Staffordshire Beekeepers Association, would like to make sure that you have all the information you might need, and to make sure you are as prepared as possible and have support along the way.

Next steps…

Being a successful beekeeper and keeping happy and health bees requires a basic understanding of Honeybee biology, their behaviour and the various methods and equipment you will need along the way. What better way to learn than from our experienced beekeepers who are happy to share their journey and what is going on with their bees, and to keep you on track on what you should be doing to best care for your bees throughout the year.

South Staffordshire Beekeepers Association offers a number of routes that you can take to start your journey to becoming a beekeepers. These include:

  • Attend on of our Honeybee Experience Days – where you can experience for the very first time, what it’s like to see inside a Hive and the wonderful world of Honeybees
  • Book on to our 6 week Beginner Beekeeper Course – where you will learn all the basic knowledge and skills to enable you to start your beekeeping journey.
  • Become a Member of South Staffordshire Beekeeping Association.
  • Joining one of our weekly Bee Chats – which are a weekly meet up with other local beekeepers at the Association’s Apiary on the National Trust Shugborough Estate. We talk all things bees, share our experiences, have the opportunity to meet other local members and ask any questions, (of course whilst enjoying a cuppa and some cake!).

To find out more about your next steps, please follow the links below

A group of beekeepers looking inside a beehive.
Some of our 2023 Beginners looking inside a hive.