Module exams

The BBKA currently run a modular exam system consisting of 7 modules.


A chance to test your knowledge on all aspects of apiculture

The Modules are written examinations held at a centre in your region with each paper taking 1½hrs. You can take up to 4 modules in each session. There are seven modules to be studied:

Module 1 Honey bee Management

Module 2 Honey bee Products and Forage

Module 3 Honey bee Pests, Diseases and Poisoning

Module 5 Honey bee Biology

Module 6 Honey bee Behaviour

Module 7 Selection & Breeding of Honey bees

Module 8 Honey bee Management, Health and History

Past Papers.

Please note that the past papers are supplied in Acrobat format (.PDF), and require a suitable software application to open and read the files. Adobe Acrobat reader is the obvious choice, but most word processing software will read Acrobat files.

The BBKA has supplied the latest module papers are in pack with several papers in one file.

Module 12015-17 papers
Module 22015-17 papers
March 2018
November 2018
March 2019
Sample Mark scheme
Module 32015-17 papers
March 2018
November 2018
Module 5
Module 62015-17 Papers
March 2018
November 2018
March 2019
November 2019

Study Notes.

With acknowledgement and thanks to Mid Bucks beekeepers association

2021-22 Programme

Module 6