SSDBKA is committed to encouraging, supporting and developing beekeeping education for all its members.

Where appropriate the association supports “self-study groups” preparing for written exams, with funds for teaching and learning materials and help with room hire.

From April to August there are weekly sessions run at the Shugborough apiary. Usually with multiple streams aimed Novice and Improver members.

These are currently on Thursdays and will often include working on colonies of bees.

There will usually be an opportunity to “Troubleshoot” any issues members are experiencing with their colonies and to network with other members

  • Beginning Beekeeping
    • Bee Experience days
    • Beginning Beekeeping Course
  • Novice Beekeepers
    • Basic Assessment – BBKA
  • Experienced\Improver Beekeepers
    • BBKA Modules
    • General Husbandry BBKA
    • Healthy Bee Certificate

  • Healthy Bee Days
    • We are committed to having regular “Healthy Bee Days” in association with the Bee Inspectorate.  Currently they are able to deliver every two to three years.  In July 2018  we held a successful Healthy Bee Day, jointly with North staffs BKA at our Hilton Green apiary. We aim to repeat this on a two yearly cycle.