This page is set up to assist the identification and reporting of Asian Hornet sightings within the South Staffordshire area, and direct people to the appropriate organisations where information and advice can be found.

Our association is very capable of identifying any suspected Asian Hornet sightings as long as clear pictures or specimens are provided.

Please take a look at the identification charts and familiarise yourself with the differences between the Asian Hornet and the European Hornets.


Associated Links:

Asian Hornet Action Team. http://ahat.org.uk/

Asian Hornet Action Team Contacts. http://ahat.org.uk/team-contact-list/

Asian Hornet Action Team Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/591487971204544/

APHA Asian Hornet Information YouTube channel.

Take a look at “Asian Hornet Watch”


If you believe to have found an Asian Hornet you should first make a call to the Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) www.nnss@apha.gsi.gov.uk

Alot of information with regards to Asian Hornets can be found here.

You can also make a report to the National Bee Unit (NBU) www.nationalbeeunit.com who will also be interested in your report.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and we hope it has been of help.

Clive Stewart SSDBKA AHAT coordinator.

How can I help?

Over the coming months we will be aiming to form teams of volunteers to help with monitoring Asian hornet across our patch. If found help will then be required with tracking and destroying nests. If you are prepared to help with setting up monitoring traps and checking them please contact us.

Clive can be contacted in the following ways:

  • Email: westart10@btinternet.com
  • Telephone: 07907 729136

Asian Hornet Watch app.

If you have a smart phone there is now an app available to help identify Asian Hornets and to record any sightings accurately. It is available from the usual app sources for Android and Apple phones. Search for Asian Hornet Watch