Beginning Beekeeping

Our 2022 and 2023 courses are both fully booked.

Are you ready to take the next steps to becoming a beekeeper? If so, you are in the right place!

The first question we usually ask is, have you ever been inside a hive before? If the answer is yes, and you caught the beekeeping bug, then the next phase of your beekeeping journey would be to enrol on our 6 week Beginning Beekeeping Course, which covers the practical skills to provide you with a basic knowledge and understanding of honeybees and beekeeping, to enable you to handle and manage bee safely.

If you are yet to experience the wonderful world of Honeybees, and would like to take that first step to look inside a hive, then we would recommend you first attend one of our Honeybee Experience Days. Click the link below to find out more about our Experience Days, or keep scrolling for information on how to enrol on our 6 week Beginner Beekeeping Course

Beginning Beekeeping Course

Bee Ex 2018

Our 6 week Beginning Beekeeping Course covers practical skills and provides you with a basic knowledge and understanding of bees and beekeeping to allow you to handle bees safely. The course takes place at the Association apiary in the grounds of National Trust Shugborough Estate, on a Saturday morning for 6 weeks. Over the 6 weeks, you will be able to handle Honeybees under the supervision of our experienced Beekeepers to get first hand practical journey of beekeeping as well as the theory behind the elements covered each week. The course includes:

  • How to keep yourself safe
  • Hive parts and beekeeping equipment
  • The different types of hives
  • Recognising Brood, nectar, pollen and honey
  • Basic bee biology
  • Understanding why bees swarm
  • Recognising and marking Queens
  • Apiary Hygiene
  • Bee Diseases
  • How to keep strong and healthy bees

Our 2022 and 2023 courses are both fully booked.

Payment Methods

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If you wish to pay by BACS, the account details are:

  • Bank: CAF Bank Ltd
  • Account Name: South Staffordshire & District Beekeepers Association
  • Account Number: 00095894
  • Sort Code: 40 52 40

When making an electronic transfer you will be asked to create a reference name for the transfer. I would suggest you include your name. This will help the treasurer to identify the transactions.

Example:  F Smith subs.   213 subs.  F Smith 213 subs.


Send the completed application form and cheque payable to “S.S.& D.B.K.A”.