Hilton Green Apiary

The Hilton Green site is a Forest of Mercia development, part of the National Community Forest Partnership. The Apiary is on a beautiful 7 1/2 acre outdoor education site. SSDBKA have been granted an area for an apiary intended initially as an isolation site for splits and swarms. However, two hives were placed here for the “Healthy Bee Day”, and they have been so successfully integrated the have produced a good quantity of honey which has been extracted, bottled and labelled with a special label and is now on sale at Hilton Green.

Typically our Apiary Coordinators at Hilton Green kindly organises sugar sales for our Members and also provide Nucleus rearing to sell on to our members who wish to increase their colonies. Hilton Green is very much seen as Shugborough’s sister apiary, providing the much needed support when situations arise. Most recently, Hilton Green accommodate all of the Shugborough hives during the relocation process from The Walled Garden site to the Kennel’s Paddock.

Members meet monthly at Hilton Green for bee chats, they also host maintenance and frame making days, have previously hosted honey shows, Healthy Bee Day, honey sales and many more events.

More information can be found about the Forest of Mercia Development and Hilton Green below.

Hilton Green Apiary

We’re on google maps, just search for Hilton Green or click the button “To Google Maps” on our website: https://www.forestofmercia.com/

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If you are using a Sat Nav you may need to use the postcode WV11 2BD, which brings you to our neighbours at Hilton Hall. With the Hall on your right, go over the motorway bridge and we are on your left hand side.

If you would like to get in touch with either of our Hilton Green Apiary Coordinators, please email: ssbka-mail@southstaffsbeekeepers.com for the attention of Chris Shaw or Melvin Slater.