Bee Safaris

As part of the education programme members are encouraged to open up their apiaries to organised visits from other members of the association. It is hoped to offer them at new venues and on a range of days in future.

The purpose of the safaris is:

  • To share with members real beekeeping experiences.
  • To experience a variety of apiary locations and discuss the pros and cons of sites.
  • To experience how working beekeepers do it!
  • To see a range of equipment, beekeepers and beekeeping styles in action.
  • To experience working bees in different locations.
  • Try out tea and cake in locations across the county!

Below are some images from the 2019 series.

Second Bee safari – A select group!

A select band turned out to experience Phil and Keiths out apiary. Nice position at the corner of a field. Notice that the apiary is fenced off, just as well, the other inhabitants were an inquisitive bunch determined to re arrange the mirrors on our cars. Fortunately David used another part of his skill set, ineptly aided by us, to move the cattle into the next field, the grass was greener on the other side! Keith and Phil inspected a number of hives including several WBC’s, most were from swarms. One nucleus was re-hived, another colony thrown out as it was down to handful of bees.

Phil almost put his back out lifting two full supers off a WBC with a colony only housed in May, Summer honey is rolling in.

There was of course tea, cake and cheesy scones to finish, and although huddled under the rear car door we were not disheartened. They say its good to talk and when six beekeepers get together its difficult to stop them. I think we all learned something and it was a very pleasant day.

Thanks to Phil and Keith for hosting, Penny for catering and to those who came along,

First Bee safari – A Great Success!

Our first Bee Safari for a while was held Lapley Wood Farm, where our host Dave Rawsthorne showed us how he operates the site.

Dave has 12 hives on this site and all were inspected by the 18 or so members attending. The sun shone, the bees were generally well behaved, and through up a number of issues for Dave and his willing helpers to sort out.
Best of all there was cake and plenty of hot water for tea. Thanks Margaret and others who supplied cake.