The Club needs your help to move the Apiary

The club met with the National Trust (NT) at Shugborough on the October 6th 2021. Present were: Hayley Mival, General Manager NT, Helen Royall, Project Manager NT, Caroline Beacall, Head Gardener NT, Alan Greenman, Ed Bennett, Claire George and Jo Berriman. It was a good positive meeting with the NT where they outlined their ShugboroughContinue reading “The Club needs your help to move the Apiary”

Club Examination and Assessment results for 2021

Module 2 Products of the Hive. In April, 5 members sat the online exam, the results being 3 distinctions and two credits. Kate Wilkes scored 90%. Assessments In July the practical assessments took place at Shugborough. Basic Assessment: 11 members took the assessment, the results being 1 distinction, 9 credits and 1 pass. Ben BowenContinue reading “Club Examination and Assessment results for 2021”

Garden Opening a great success

Remember ‘The Mount’, Cresswell, Stafford, which had an Open Garden week from July 12th to the 18th with all the proceeds going to The Katherine House Hospice. Well, Chris Williams was really pleased with the turnout saying: ‘We were extremely successful at our garden opening and managed to raise £3,810. Apparently, this is enough toContinue reading “Garden Opening a great success”