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If you have any stories, pictures or information that you would like included in the newsletter, or if you have items for sale or wish to comment on the content of previous newsletters, please send to: and make
the subject “Item for the newsletter”.

‘My Apiary’ – Steve Gibbins

Last summer Barry Crossley made the great suggestion that we show each
other pictures of our hives and apiaries in the Newsletter. In the July 2020 edition we featured some members’ apiaries.

We have had lots of enthusiastic comments from members wanting to see more views of apiaries and the sort of places we keep our bees.

So as we all love to see how the other half keep their bees here is another members’ apiary for you to admire.

Thanks to new club member, Steve Gibbins, for sharing his apiary with us. Steve says that this was during a time of high water and that it does not normally look like this. He adds that the bees don’t appear to be affected by it. Note the handy storage locker that he stores his spare equipment and tools in.

So come on, why not join in and share a photograph of your hives or apiary with your fellow beekeepers?

Send your apiary images to agreenman219@ for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Ambrosia for sale

The Association is still able to offer members Ambrosia Syrup and Fondant for sale.
Don’t let your bees go with out food. Order now for collection by arrangement.

Please place your orders with Dayna White, Quartermaster either via mobile:

07710 182468 or email:

Tub of Ambrosia Syrup – 12.5kg

Ambrosia Fondant – 1 box of 5 x 2.5kg packs

Ambrosia is a ready mixed, high energy combination of sucrose, glucose and fructose,
Ambrosia syrup and fondant bee food helps bee colonies to survive winter food shortages by mimicking the food that bees find in their natural environment.

With the sugar in Ambrosia being very concentrated, it does not ‘go off’ and the high
fructose content of the product ensures that it will not crystallise.

Out-apiary site, Wolverhampton

Our company name and address is: Peter Maddox & Associates, Regent House, Bath
Avenue, Wolverhampton, WV1 4EG (opposite the car park to WVActive Central Swimming Baths).

Our Managing Director is offering the roof top of our office building, located on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, to a beekeeper who would like to use it to install and maintain his beehives.

Access to the roof area would not be restricted to office hours, however, the building is locked by our security between approximately 9 pm – 7 am each night and 9.30 pm – 8.30 am over the weekend.

Could you please telephone me on: 01902 810001 if you are interested in using the space as an out apiary.

You are of course welcome to come and view the location in order to assess whether it would be suitable.

Regards Gail Small

Old hive looking for new home

I have an old hive I acquired some years ago which takes the wider frames – I think it is a
Commercial, the frames are 16” x 10”. If someone would like this, together with some frames, please get in touch with me.

The hive is made up of 1 brood box, wire floor and entrance block, with roof. There are 9 commercial deep standard frames with foundation, hardly used, and 12 empty commercial deep frames. The hive has hardly been used for some time, but the frames with foundation were bought more recently.

This can be collected free of charge from Kings Bromley (a donation could be given to Bees for Development).

Email address:,
mobile telephone no. 07983 289377.
Many thanks Alison Howard.